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This page contains links to files and sites that were designed to educate and spread awareness about the illicit fentanyl crisis. If you have questions, comments, additions, etc, please reach out to us.

dead on arrival (documentary film)

The film, “dead on arrival” (DOA), is a highly charged look at the fentanyl epidemic and its impact on regular people. Dominic Tierno, who wrote, directed, edited, filmed, and narrated it, was inspired to make this film after learning about Alexander and the hundreds of thousands of victims associated with this crisis.

DOA was produced as a primer for the fentanyl epidemic. As such, the film provides one of the best looks at the crisis and serves to educate young adults and older.

Download Film Screening Guide:

Download mp4 file (3 GB):

Also on YouTube to save bandwidth and share with others:

Public Service Announcements

PSAs focused upon the fentanyl epidemic.

A google drive folder of PSAs for Arizona that are being broadcast to television, movie theaters, etc.

Educational files


CADCA Mid-Year Slideshow 10.26 MB 115 downloads

Presentation provided to CADCA 2022 by Amy Neville …

Talking Points and Resources for Teachers 107.41 KB 142 downloads

This discussion guide is designed to help you talk with the teens about fentanyl…

Queen Creek San Tan Valley slideshow 18.98 MB 56 downloads

Amy’s presentation to the southeast valley …

JADE Slideshow – Amy Neville 4.73 MB 70 downloads

Amy’s presentation to Orange County CA …

JADE Slideshow – Steve Filson 4.09 MB 33 downloads

VOID presentation for San Bernardino County …

Dead on Arrival – Youth Activity (HIDTA) 8.28 KB 82 downloads

Documentation to supplement and provide for further conversations after watching…

dead on arrival Screening Guide 978K 76 downloads

PDF resource designed for teachers and caregivers to accompany film …

    Related sites and resources

    Substance Abuse Coalition Leaders of Arizona

    Arizona has seen a substantial decline in drug deaths in the last two years and groups like this are why. They train, teach, and provide tons of resources to the public.

    Talk Now AZ

    Important tips and resources for having conversations about fentanyl and drugs.

    Learn More AZ (Fentanyl facts)

    Again, Arizona is making a difference. This page of facts about fentanyl and the Learn More AZ group are also focused upon education and spreading awareness.

    Peer to Peer Youth Outreach

    Alexander Neville Foundation’s own project aimed at bringing together young adults to share and learn from each other.

    Get Assistance

    If you are interested in more materials or want assistance with a presentation, please do not hesitate to reach out. Amy Neville is always available as a resource and will respond to you quickly. Thank you.